lundi 6 avril 2015


Je ne pouvais pas ne pas relever le défi de Art Bead Scene ce mois-ci.
Une de mes artistes préférées.

I had to take the April monthly Art Bead Scene challenge.
One of my favorite artists.

Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, 1940
By Frida Kahlo
Oil on Canvas
61.25 cm × 47 cm (24.11 in × 18.5 in)
Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin

Et ce fut un défi!
J'ai voulu continuer mes explorations en free form peyote car je trouvais que le tableau s'y prêtait.
J'avais choisi un pendentif de Mary Harding que j'avais précieusement gardé et  autour duquel j'avais tissé et puis voilà…

And it really was a challenge.
I had decided to continue my experiments in free form peyote because I thought it fit the inspiration painting.
I had chosen a Mary Harding pendant I had carefully kept and had woven around it and then...

Après les jurons, la colère et le désespoir, j'ai ramassé les morceaux, pour un travail futur, une broderie ou un autre free form.
Et j'ai essayé de continuer.
J'ai choisi des feuilles en verre de Calisto, une libellule de Greengirl Studios et une tige de Nadin Art Glass.
D'autres perles ont cassées, resistées et voilà ce à quoi je suis arrivée, difficilement.
Peut-être qu'il fallait ces difficultés pour accompagner la souffrance de l'artiste.

After a lot of cursing, anger and despair I took the pieces and put them away for a future work, maybe embroidery or free form.
And I tried to continue.
I chose glass leaves from Calisto, a Greengirl Studios dragonfly and a glass headpin from Nadin Art Glass.
Other beads broke and resisted and this is what I ended up with, with quite a lot of difficulties.
But maybe there had to be those difficulties to accompany the artist's pain.

5 commentaires:

  1. Your necklace is gorgeous and very much reminds me of the inspiration. I'm sorry about the Mary Harding piece! I love Frida Kahlo and am very interested to see what people make this month!

  2. I could only see the pets and the leaves in the painting and was stuck, but then your interpretation has made me see deeper into the picture

  3. I think it was truly the passions inspired in/by this artwork that took you on its journey..and makes your final piece all the sweeter and more wonderfully rewarding! I love it, Karin!

  4. Every post you make shows such creativity and beauty. Your creations are so lovely - I don't have words enough to express how much I adore your work. You seem to truly FEEL your designs - such a rare and precious thing. Thank you so much for sharing xxx

  5. I just love your necklace Your beadwork is amazing


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