samedi 4 avril 2015

Jasper Intrigue Challenge

Nouveau défi de Lisa Lodge de A Grateful Artist, des perles de jaspe et de verre…
J'ai utilisé le jaspe, le verre dépoli, mais j'ai eu du mal à mélanger les deux.

A new challenge organized by Lisa Lodge from A Grateful Artist, jasper and glass beads.
I used most of the jasper beads, the cultured sea glass beads but I couldn't really mix them.
Pendentif / Pendant, Blu Mudd

Pendentifs / Pendants, Round Rabbit

Crochets d'oreilles / Earwires,  Faerystones

Et voici ce qui me reste… à utiliser plus tard.

And this is what I have left over… to use later.

Il est temps maintenant d'aller voir les créations des autres participants ici:

Time to go and see the other participants creations here: 

Your hostess:  Lisa Lodge, A Grateful Artist
Carolyn Lawson, Carolyn's Creations
Susan Anderson, La Main Tresor
Karin Grosset Grange (France), Ginkgo et Coquelicot
Shaiha Williams, Shaiha’s Ramblings
Sheila Prose, Cheap Charms
Terri Wlaschin, Baking Beads in the Keys
Therese Frank, Therese's Treasures
Veralynne Malone, Designed by Vera
Lisa Prewitt Knappenberger, Li Raysa Designs

13 commentaires:

  1. Love what you did here. Lots of interesting twists and turns with the added pieces blending beautifully and creatively with Lisa's mix.

  2. Lovely pieces! I especially love the green/brown in the first piece and the mix of shapes.

  3. OMGOSH!!!! GORGEOUS! You have GREAT artistic talent. I love all the pieces and couldn't pick a favorite if I had to.

  4. Beautiful Pieces, Lots of Texture in the second Necklace but the first is my favorite.

  5. What great designs! I am in love with the second design. It has such a great blend of colors and textures.

  6. Hi Karin,
    Gorgeous pieces I love them all, but my favorite is the first necklace so soft and pretty.

  7. I'm loving all 3 designs! The soft muted colors thru to the bold yellow! The little poise earring are perfect..the little 'wraps' on the jump ring and to make the head pin are great touches.

  8. Hi Karin, The aqua green is a perfect paring with the brown striped jasper. I really like the round rabbit necklace. I am not usually a fan of yellow but you did it beautifully.

  9. Gorgeous pieces as always, Karin! The brown jasper necklace is my favorite! Thanks for being in the hop!

  10. Hi Karin, sorry it took me so long to visit your blog.. you have a lovely blog and all your beaded jewels looks gorgeous! loved the sea glass beads especially.. thanks for following me and i'm following you too.. have a wonderful day!! cheers :)

  11. Beautiful! All of the is hard to decide which I like best. Excellent job!

  12. what lovely jewelry you made. your esthetic sense is wonderful and each piece reflects it


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