jeudi 30 août 2018

August Theme Challenge: Swirls

Troisième défi du mois d'août, celui du blog Art Elements dont le thème était les tourbillons.
Pendant les vacances, alors que nous visitions le Musée National de la Nature et des Sciences j'ai vu ces fossiles.

Third challenge of August, the Art Elements challenge and the theme was Swirls.
During our trip to Japan, we visited the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo and I saw these, nothing speaks to me more of swirls than fossils.

Voilà donc ce vers quoi je me suis tournée en rentrant à Paris pour ce défi.
J'ai pris mes deux dernières ammonites et je les ai brodées très simplement, car elles n'ont  besoin de rien de plus, ajouté quelques franges en chaîne et voilà.

So this is what I went for when I came back home and worked on the challenge. 
I took my last two ammonites and embroidered them very simply to turn them into earrings. They don't need anything more, except maybe some chain fringe.

Hier, j'ai trouvé ces pendentifs en laiton brut, parfaits pour experimenter avec un peu de couleurs et mon premier essai, l'émaillage à froid. 
Turquoise et  tourbillon de cuivre sur laiton.

Yesterday, I found these brass pendants, perfect to experiment with a little coloring and I first tried  cold enameling.
Turquoise and copper swirls on brass.

Et maintenant il est temps d'aller rendre visite aux blogs ci-dessous pour voir ce que ces tourbillons ont inspiré aux autres participants.

And now it is time to hop over to the following blogs to see how  the other participants were inspired by those swirls.

Guest Artists:
Karin             You are here😀
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16 commentaires:

  1. Your earrings look lovely, I love the colours of the cold enamelling, and I have a thing for ammonites too

  2. I love all of those fossils and as your inspiration - perfect! Your bead work and colored brass with spirals look like they would be a lot of fun to wear :) Thanks for participating this month!!!

  3. Cold enamellling is a great technique to try on swirls. Your post reminds me that I have some I have made a year back and not yet used

  4. The earrings are stunning! I bet your trip was fabulous.

  5. I love ammonites and enjoyed all those wonderful pictures. I live not far from Holzmaden myself where lots of fossils were and are found.
    No wonder that that pair of earrings is my favorite.

  6. Lovely beaded bezel! Those ammonite earrings are amazing!

  7. I just love the ammonite earrings - you're right, they don't need anything else! As for the colors from the cold enameling - they look great! (I don't know much about the process, though.)

  8. Loved the Ammonites the best, nerd that I am. The others were stunning also.

  9. Love all the fossil photos. Those ammonite earrings are stunning. And I could wear those turquoise with copper earrings every day.

  10. I love the ammonite earrings. They look extra special with the outline of seed beads--a really nice touch. I also love the copper earrings. Copper and turquoise always look wonderful together.

  11. Your ammonite earrings are just lovely! I'm impressed!

  12. Both pair of earrings are wonderful BUT your ammonites are my absolute are spectacular. Well done!

  13. The museum looks amazing... I could have spent hours in there! Love your ammonite earrings and the enamelled pair are beautiful. That colour is gorgeous!

  14. WOW, your museum photos - wow! Love your ammonite earrings, they are perfect! I don't know about cold enameling, going to have a search! Thanks for joining in!

  15. So, I started to write a comment and blogger ate it... so I will try to repeat it but you know, the first time you write something, is the best ;)

    I love both of your earring designs as different as they are! (and I want all those ammonites you showed!) The beading really frames the natural organic beauty of the ammonites and I so love the rustic and organic look of your enamel earrings! They really speak to me! :)

  16. I'm personally a big fan of ginkgoetcoquelicot blog. Thanks for sharing this post.


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