dimanche 31 mars 2019

Luna moths

Il faut bien l'admettre, j'ai présumé de mon temps. Régulièrement, je me suis dis, c'est bon j'ai l'idée, j'aurais le temps. Il y a une semaine, j'ai découpé mes formes, j'avais toujours le temps. Hier, j'avais encore espoir, et ce matin, je n'ai qu'un début à vous présenter.
Tout ceci pour le thème mensuel de Art Elements,  le papillon lune.

I thought I could do it. Since the beginning of the month I've been telling myself, everything's fine, I have plenty of time. I know what I want to do. A week ago, I cut the shapes, and I still had some time. Yesterday I still hoped I could finish it, but today, I have only a work in progress to show you.
All for the monthly Art Elements theme, the Luna moth.

Première étape, les formes découpées, des essais en plastique fou, un pendentif de Blueberribeads, l'autre de Round Rabbit.

First step, shapes cut in stiff backing, some experiments with shrinking plastic, a pendant from Blueberribeads and another one from Round Rabbit.

Ce que j'ai réussi à faire et que j'espère finir !

What I managed to do and hope to finish!

Et maintenant, la liste de tous les participants ce mois-ci:

And now let's go and see all the other participants creations:

Beth and Evie

Art Elements Team:

14 commentaires:

  1. I was already so curious seeing your sneak-peak and I love where your beaded moth is going! Time is so not linear in my life and I think I can see the grey men around the corner ;) I also always love the different stages of creations as well as WIPs :)

  2. I'm sure you lovely moth will be stunning when it's completed...it's well on the way already.

  3. The month can get a way from you - but I love what you have done so far! The color combination is fantastic and I can't wait to see the piece completed!

  4. I love your assortment of luna moth shapes you cut out. I am sure your beaded luna moth will be wonderful when you finish her.

  5. Works in progress are totally allowed! This is really amazing so far. I love how textural it is and can hardly wait to see it completed :-) Thanks for participating in the challenge this month!

  6. Love your work so far.. look forward to seeing it finished!

  7. Your work in progress is looking great. That's a lot of teeny tiny little beads. I can't imagine how long it takes to stitch them all into place so carefully.

  8. Your piece is looking beautiful! Well-done!!

  9. I suspected it will look great in bead embroidery and now I know it! It's looking very beautiful!

  10. Vous avez un début assez prometteur. Je voulais finir au moins deux autres projets aussi ... mais non, ce n'était pas pour ce mois-ci ... J'essaie d'écrire en français pour ne pas perdre complètement la langue avant de retourner chez moi. C'est ma deuxième langue, donc les fautes peuvent surgir! Alysen

  11. Your patterns are intriguing. Looking forward to your finished pieces

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  13. I think we all know how easily time can slip away from us! I'm really liking where you're going with your bead embroidery. It's looking great!


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