jeudi 13 août 2015

Inspiration marine / Sea inspiration

Je vous ai laissé avec un bracelet très marin, étoile de mer, sable, eau claire… qui m'a emmené vers d'autres océans, plus tumultueux, plus sombres grâce à un connecteur de Something to Do Beads, encore. C'est peut-être d'avoir lu la trilogie écossaise de Peter May pendant les vacances, d'avoir retrouvé les perles de Happy Fish, comme des roches laminées par la mer et le vent.
Voici donc le collier, résultat de la communion entre mes lectures et mes perles…

I left you with a very much sea-inspired bracelet, starfish, sand, clear water… which led me to darker and more agitated seas, thanks to a Something to Do Beads connector, again.
Maybe it is because I read Peter May's Lewis trilogy during the holidays, or because I looked at Happy Fish beads, they do look like rocks weathered by water and wind.
Anyway thes is the result of the combination of  my reading and beads...
Pendentif-connecteur / Connector-pendant, Something to do Beads
Perles de verre / Glass beads, Loupiac, Glass Bead Art
Perles et pendentifs  en céramique /Ceramic beads and dangles, Happy Fish, Scorched Earth
Fermoir / Toggle Clasp, Mary Harding Jewelry
 Puis sont venus les tiges terminées par une goutte de verre de Genea, et évidemment les petites perles de Uglibeads pour des boucles d'oreilles inspirées par les trésors cachés de l'océan, peut-être une épave au fond de l'océan.

Then came the glass headpins from Genea and the Uglibeads weenies to make earrings inspired by the hidden treasures of the sea, a ship at the bottom of the ocean maybe.

Tige / Glass headpin, Genea
Perles de verre / weenie glass beads, Uglibeads

Et j'ai commencé à sortir des perles d'artisan, pas totalement, car ce sont elles qui me proposent leurs histoires pour l'instant, mais d'autres perles peuvent les accompagner comme dans ces boucles d'oreilles.
Du jade, du jaspe, de l'os taillé accompagnent les pendentifs en céramique de Happy Fish.

And I started to look away from my boxes of Art beads, not totally though,  because they still offer me their stories, but other beads start to complement them as in these earrings.
Jade, jasper, carved bone to go with the Happy Fish pendants.

Pendentifs / Pendants, Happy Fish

10 commentaires:

  1. the earrings are so unique, they remind me of Chinese bowls found in museums made of ivory, jade and celadon

  2. Oh, everything is spectacular and the inspiration is so alive... so evocative.... beautiful. Love the earrings so much. xo -- Julie

    1. Thank you Julie, your weenies are so perfect with everything, I'll soon run out of them!

  3. we have such similar taste in beads! I would know Happy Fish anywhere ... as well as Genea. Both are sitting on my bead table as we speak! beautiful designs you have here

    1. Thank you Cynthia, can't wait to see what you will create with these gorgeous beads!

  4. Bon soir! I love these earrings! Are they for sale? I didn't see them in your etsy store.


    1. Thank you! I'm bad at listing, but they will be in the shop today.


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