dimanche 22 mars 2015

Recycler / Recycling

Je vais d'abord recycler les informations.
Je vous ai parfois montré ce que Xavier me déniche chez Emmaüs. J'ai maintenant une boîte pleine.
Aussi pleine que toutes mes autres boîtes. Donc pas d'autres perles  Emmaüs avant d'avoir fait de la place. Il achète les bijoux faits, et les défaits.

First I'm going to recycle information.
I've already shown you what Xavier digs out for me at the thrift store. I have now a box full. As full as all my other boxes. So no thrift store beads before I make some room. He buys jewelry and then puts it apart to keep and organize the beads.

Bijoux / Jewelry

Perles / Beads

On trouve de tout, et des trésors aussi.

You can find all sorts of things, and some treasures too.

Quelques exemples / A few examples

Parfois je choisis dans la boîte un pendentif ou des perles pour commencer quelque chose.
Là, j'ai choisi le pendentif, lourd et imposant. j'y ai ajouté un cabochon en turquoise , des perles en verre Emmaüs également, du cuir, de la chaîne et voilà:

Sometimes I pick a pendant or some beads from that particular box to start something.
In this case I chose the pendant, big and heavy. I added a turquoise cabochon, some more coordinating thrift store beads, leather, chain, and there it is: 

Et j'ai recyclé un collier dont je n'étais pas satisfaite en changeant le pendentif, recyclé lui aussi.

And I recycled an old necklace, I was not satisfied with, by changing  the pendant, using one of the recycled ones.

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  1. Have you ever been to Les Puces for bead shopping Karin? I went there last time I was in Paris and loved it! I also remember visiting a bead shop near St Eustache I think? That was a totally amazing shop too, with lots of vintage things.

  2. I love these pieces that use thrift store finds. I am particularly charmed with the idea of taking something old and making it new and fresh.

  3. I love to recycle for things I make too-your jewelery is always so fabulous-love it

  4. Your jewelery is fabulous Karin.


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