jeudi 14 août 2014

Midnight Blossom / Fleurs de Minuit

Dernier défi d'août. J'ai acheté le kit de Andrew Thornton, et  pour le voir, vous aller allez sur son blog, parce qu'évidemment, je n'ai pas pris de photos avant. Les tons étaient gris, rose, noir, violet. Avec toutes ces belles perles, j'ai donc d'abord tissé un bracelet, sur lequel j'ai brodé des perles.

Last August hop. I bought the kit on Andrew Thornton's website and you'll have to visit his blog if you want to see the kit before I played with it. As usual, I forgot to take a picture!
The colors were grey, black, purple and pink.
So with all the beautiful beads, I first wove a bracelet which I embellished with more beads

Ensuite, une paire de boucles d'oreilles,

Then a pair of earrings,

Et enfin un long sautoir.

Finally a long necklace.

Non, ce n'est pas fini, j'oubliai le dernier bracelet pour mettre en valeur l'élément créé par Andrew.

No, I'm not done, I forgot the last bracelet to focus on Andrew's beautiful mysterious element.

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8 commentaires:

  1. These are very pretty and have a mysterious feeling to them

  2. Tous les creations sont excellents, j'aime particulièrement la derniere bracelet avec le point chenille.

  3. Love your designs! I think my favorite is the last bracelet...really shows off the mystery component so beautifully!

  4. Just gorgeous! They have all have that dark & dreamy feeling.

  5. Gorgeous! Karin!..where's the clasp on the last Special Element bracelet?! You did a great job hiding it! :)

  6. I love all of your pieces. The first bracelet is so fun. It would be endlessly fascinating to examine all the bead embellishments!

  7. Those are all wonderful pieces! I love how you incorporated the mystery component on the last bracelet.

  8. All of your pieces are just great! I love the shag carpet effect of the first bracelet! It is so lush and full of texture. I bet it's fun just to run your hand over the bracelet back and forth. I also like the wire detail in the earrings you made. It gives them a little more pizzazz! The necklace you made is really stunning! It has a very flapper-girl quality that makes it look very luxurious. And your last bracelet is really beautiful. I love how you've incorporated so many different elements, but still produced a cohesive and appealing design! Thanks so much for participating!


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