vendredi 23 mai 2014

Focus on Life 21/52

Je reprends le cours des photos du samedi.
Il fallait cette semaine compléter : Le ….. je……

Le soir, en rentrant du travail je prends du fil, une aiguille, des perles et je brode autour d'un cabochon.

I'm back on the Focus on Life pictures.
This week we had to fill in the blanks,
For me it will be,

In the evening, when I'm back from work, I take some thread, a needle, and I bead around a cabochon.

8 commentaires:

  1. Love your cabochon work! What are the colors? It looks divine.

  2. It's beautiful and very interesting even without color!

  3. That's a great picture. I love the monochrome palette and the blurred framing. Makes the simple subject really pop.

  4. Love everything about this. The black and white choice, angle, lighting, everything.

  5. Beautiful! I don't think I have the patience or the proper eyesight for this tedious work.

  6. Lovely. I admire all of you who work w/those tiny little seed beads - amazing!!


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