samedi 15 mars 2014

Focus On Life 11/52

La beauté autour.
Bien, le mois de Mars, les jours rallongent, mais en ville, c'est encore le gris qui domine et les arbres restent pour l'instant encore bien nus.
De temps en temps, dans la rue, par la fenêtre, sur le balcon, des petites touches de beau pour égayer le quotidien.

Beauty all around.
Well, March is the month when light is coming back but in a city, what you see most is still grey and most of the trees are still bare.
But, throughout the week from time to time, in the street, on the balcony, outside my windows some hints of beauties to cheer up everyday life.

D'abord les gris
First the greys

Puis les couleurs
Then the colors

Enfin, belles en toutes saisons...
Finally, always beautiful
Pendants: White Swan Studio

Pour plus de photos…
For more photos…

10 commentaires:

  1. Great photos! Lucky you to have these right outside your balcony.

  2. Awesome photos! I almost snapped a pic of some pearls this week. The beauty of the things we create with is always the best!!!

  3. Like the umbrella painting? And of course who can go wrong with flowers!

  4. I love the colorful umbrellas and the pretty flowers! We still have bare trees and a lot of gray too.

  5. The umbrella mural is perfect with those specks of colours in a sea of gray. Just what beauty is. Love all your pictures, I wonder what will the strand of stones and focals will become!

  6. Love your collage, and the whole collection is wonderful.

  7. I love the mural - what a bright and cheery picture to see out of your window.

  8. Beautiful pictures. I'm absolutely in love with those beads :-)

  9. Great selections this week. I love the pop of color the umbrellas give to the grey mural. Beautiful flowers as well. But my favorite are the nature pendants. Did you make those? They are very cool.


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