vendredi 8 mars 2019


Hier, j'ai été au salon de l'Aiguille En Fête et je suis revenue avec pleins de couleurs pour donner envie au soleil de pointer son nez.

Yesterday I went to a DIY show more or less specialized in fabric and thread and I came back with a lot of colors to lure the sun into coming our way.

J'ai commencé par des tissus japonais de chez Kaetsu et de la toile enduite plus locale de chez Frou-Frou.

I started with some Japanese fabric from Kaetsu and some coated fabric from Frou-Frou.

Puis de la soie de sari recyclé, des cocons et fils divers chez Au Fil d'Emma,

Then some recycled sari silk, cocoons and threads from Au Fil d'Emma,

Les moins colorés mais tellement jolis lots de boutons dépareillés du Musée de la Nacre,

The very pretty but not so colorful mismatched mother of pearl buttons from the Musée de la Nacre,

Et enfin dernier arrêt, dans le monde merveilleux de Léa Stansal.

And finally my last stop was in Léa Stansal's wonderland .

J'ai également acheté quelques kits que je montrerai si je sors ma machine à coudre !  Et quelques autres bricoles.

I also bought some kits which I'll show you if I manage to get my sewing machine out, and some other bits and bobs.

En rentrant, dans ma boîte aux lettres il y avait ce paquet de perles africaines achetées chez Numinosity Beads.

When I came home, here is what was waiting for me in my mailbox, some African beads I had ordered from Numinosity Beads.

6 commentaires:

  1. All your supplies look very pretty. The fabrics are exceptional. Can't wait to see what you do with them

  2. Love all the colors in the fabrics and am drooling over some of those African beads!! Looking forward to how you will transform all of this into your wonderful jewelry or more...

  3. I want to come play with you! It all looks like you will be having lots of fun! I love all the colors.

  4. Real treasures! The Japanese fabric is so beautiful!

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