mardi 30 août 2016

AJE Challenge

C'est la rentrée et je me remet doucement en condition, cours et perles. Je vous passerai les détails des cours. En ce qui concerne les perles, je vais reprendre avec le défi mensuel de Art Jewelry Element, cette fois-ci, les tiges et clous d'artisan. J'ai tout d'abord, recherché tout ce que j'avais, et il y en a beaucoup. En voici un aperçu.

It's time for me to prepare  to go back to school, start another year and I've been preparing for a while. I won't talk about my real life job preparations, but about starting a new bead year and to do so I chose the Art Jewelry Element monthly challenge, this time focusing on head pins.
The first thing I did, of course was to look for all the ones I had, which is quite a lot.
Here is a view of my collection.

Il y a de tout, verre, céramique, pâte polymère, métal, de tous mes artistes préférés.
Il a fallu que je fasse un choix.
Tout d'abord une paire de Something to do Beads pour faire le pendentif d'un collier.

There is a little bit of everything, ceramic, polymer, metal, glass from my favorite artists.
I had to make a choice.
I was drawn to headpins from Something to do Beads to make the focal element of a necklace.

Puis j'ai choisi des tiges en verre coloré de Samantha Capeling associées à des connecteurs et des perles en céramique de Happy Fish ainsi que des petites perles en verre de Uglibeads  pour des boucles d'oreilles joyeuses.

Then I chose some colorful glass headpins from Samantha Capeling which I associated to ceramic connectors and beads from Happy Fish and tiny glass beads from Uglibeads to make some fun earrings.

Je me suis arrêtée là pour aujourd'hui.
Allons maintenant  rendre visite à toutes les autres participantes pour admirer leurs créations.

I stopped here for today.
So now let's hop over to the other participant's blogs to see their creations.


Alison Herrington
Renetha Stanziano
Karin Grosset Grange
Gloria Allen
Deb Fortin
Cate van Alphen
Mona Arnott
Shai Williams
Sarajo Wentling
Kathy Lindemer
Solange Collin
Brooke Bock
Melissa Meman
Patricia Handschuh
Tammy Adams
Melissa Trudinger

AJE Team Members:

Caroline Dewison
Lesley Watt
Cathy Mendola
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Susan Kennedy
Laney Mead
Diana Ptaszynski
Lindsay Starr
Niky Sayers


26 commentaires:

  1. wow - thats a treasure true of headpins. I just got some enamel ones from US and they are my first artisan headpins. I hope to add more to the collection soon

  2. Your collection of headpins is gorgeous! Very drool-worthy. I adore what you did with them for this challenge....

  3. Oh my goodness!!! so many headpins!! I wouldn't have known where to start, but you made some great choices, love the necklace.

  4. that's a lot of headpins. it must have been difficult to decide which ones to use, i love the brown and cream necklace even though it's not my typical colour choice, I'd wear it with Fall ensembles. and those earrings are such fun.

  5. Cute earrings and what a stash of headpins!

  6. Wow, that is some collection of headpins! Your necklace and earrings are wonderful. The earrings just scream--fun.

  7. Très belle collection et vos deux créations sont magnifiques!

  8. Wow, your collection is impressive ~ and I thought I was a bead-addict! I soo am :)) Love the necklace, beautiful work!

    Stay inspired!

    Laura :)

  9. Would it be okay if I raid your stash? ;)

    Love the necklace and the earrings, especially the organic quality!

  10. Gorgeous earthy designs, and I want your headpin collection!

  11. WOW! what a wonderful collection of headpins! I especially love the necklace you made with those lovely headpins.

  12. Wonderful headpins! I am jealous of your stash! I love the asymmetry of the necklace. Thanks for joining us this month!

  13. That is an impressive collection of headpins! Your designs are lovely. The earrings are in my favorite color combination. And the necklace is simply stunning.

  14. I am so jealous of your headpin stash! Love your creations, and can't wait to see what else you make! Thanks for playing along with us!

  15. WOW Karin! THAT is a collection of headpins. I'm totally jealous. The designs you created are fabulous. The earrings are so fun and the necklace is totally my style. Thanks so much for participating in the challenge and for reading AJE!

  16. Like everyone else I love your stash of headpins. There's lots of inspiration waiting there for you to have fun. I like the ones you selected, especially since we shared the joy of working with Samantha Capeling's amazing headpins.

  17. What an amazing collection of headpins you have! Both wonderful pieces but I really like those earrings they just scream happy!

  18. Envious of your collection! Love the pieces you made!

  19. the last pair of earrings...those are such awesome colors! Great Job.

  20. I just love your collection of headpins. Such a variety. And the earrings are beautiful!

  21. That is quite the collection you have. I love the way you put together the colours in the second pair.

  22. Wow that's some stash you have there Karen...both designs are great but the earrings are such fun!

  23. Love your stash and that necklace is awesome!

  24. WOW, Karen, awesome stash of art headpins! Love your designs, the necklace is great! Thanks for playing along!

  25. The necklace reminds me of forest leaves in the fall season. The earrings remind me of sunshine and sandy beaches. I adore your headpin stash.


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