mercredi 9 décembre 2015


Leah Curtis de Beady Eyed Bunny a organisé un défi historique avec pour thème le paléolithique.
J'ai essayé de représenter les couleurs, les lignes et l'aspect  brut et organique avec un bracelet en free form peyote.
Le souci avec ce genre de bracelet, c'est de le prendre en photo.

Leah Curtis from Beady Eyed Bunny organized a historic hop focused on the paleolithic. 
I tried to represent the colors, lines and the rough and organic aspect with a free form peyote bracelet. 
The problem is how to take a decent picture.

 Et puis, lors de ma dernière commande chez Claire de Something to do beads, j'ai reçu ces pointes et j'ai pensé qu'elles seraient parfaites. Associées avec un peu de Wooly Wire, voici une paire de boucles d'oreilles.

And in my latest order from Claire at Something to do beads I had these  points and I thought they would be perfect, with a little Wooly Wire, they became a pair of earrings.

Maintenant, allons voir les blogs des autres participants pour voir leurs représentations du paléolithique.

Now it's time to hop over to the other participants' blogs and see their representations of the paleolithic.

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Laura Bailey Taskey
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11 commentaires:

  1. I love the dagger earrings - they are rustic and ooze prehistoric charm

  2. I agree with how hard it is to get a good picture sometimes, but you did a nice job. Love the bracelet, and really LOVE those earrings!

  3. Wow, Karin, these are stunning! You've really captured the inspiration in the bracelet. Lots of beautiful detail and flow. It's like a miniature cave wall. The earrings are beautiful, too. I think the addition of the Wooly Wire makes it!

  4. It's stunning, all these ♥colours! The earrings are my favourites, rustic and elegant at the same time. I'm IN the cave :-)

  5. It's stunning, all these ♥colours! The earrings are my favourites, rustic and elegant at the same time. I'm IN the cave :-)

  6. Incredible! I especially like how the button looks like a cave painting.

  7. What beautiful pieces! I'm always in awe of people who do seedbead work, and your bracelet is exceptional. You have truly captured the movement and feeling of cave paintings with it. And I love those earrings! Lovely, lovely work! :)

  8. These are simply stunning, Karin. I so admire your work. =]

  9. Le bracelet et les boucles sont magnifiques!

  10. Wonderful Free Form bracelet Karin--such a great color combo!! The earrings are a knockout!! The wooly wire is the perfect touch!!


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