mardi 24 novembre 2015

Comment je fais des boucles d'oreilles / How I make earrings

Tout d'abord je décide qu'il est temps de faire des boucles d'oreilles.
Ensuite je choisis un peu au hasard des éléments que j'ai envie d'utiliser.

First I decide it's time I made some earrings.
Then I choose rather randomly some elements I want to use.

Tiges / Headpins, Crows Cache Supplies
Charms, Inviciti

Je trouve qu'ils vont bien ensemble, mais je ne sais pas quoi en faire.
Il me faut autre chose.
Je sors une de mes boîtes magiques.
Et regardez dans le coin en haut à gauche, on ne les voit presque pas…

I like them together, but I don't know what to do with them.
I need something else.
I get one of my magic boxes.
And look in the top left corner, you can barely see them...

Mais ce sont les perles que j'ai choisi pour faire ces boucles d'oreilles.

But they are the beads I chose to make these earrings.

Toupies en polymère / Polymer bicones, Graceful Willow Beads

Des boucles d'oreilles, légères, courtes, inhabituelles pour moi.
Je me suis rattrapée, juste après.
Les anneaux traînaient sur ma table depuis longtemps, mais il manquait quelque chose à l'intérieur.
J'avais des restes de fil de cuivre et j'ai trouvé ces cubes.
Simples, une couleur magnifique et grandes.

Short, light earrings, quite unusual for me.
But I made another pair, more in my style, right after.
The hoops had been on my table for a while, but they needed something extra inside. There were some small bits of leftover wire and I found those purple cubes. 
Simple, beautiful color and big.

5 commentaires:

  1. very nice! love the first ones - sweet and fun and the second bold with color on these increasingly dark days of winter!

  2. I love large yet lightweight earrings and dont step out of the house without them. The purple hoops are really cute and the copper finding that you have used seems quite nifty - what is it called?

  3. I love both earrings. Both would have been my style back when I wore earrings. If I still did and was shopping, I would have snapped those first ones up! Plus, I loved seeing inside one of your magic boxes!

  4. Lovely earrings! I'm always intrigued to see people's bead stashes!

  5. I simply adore that pair with the red and silver!! Gorgeous - and the magic box is glorious. xo


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