jeudi 5 février 2015

Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday 1-5

Sally Russick  a organisé un mini défi photos.
Quinze jours, un theme par jour et trois dates de publication.
Voici les cinq premières photos:

Sally Russick organized  a mini photo challenge, Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday.
Fifteen days, a prompt every day and three posting dates. 
Here are the five first photos:

Jour 1 / Day 1: reflection

Jour 2 / Day 2: Wrapping (enrouler, envelopper...)

Jour 3 / Day 3: Kitchen Ritual (Rituel de la cuisine)

Jour 4 / Day 4: Paper (papier)

Jour 5 / Day 5: Repetitive Pattern ( motif répétitif )

Pour voir d'autres interprétations:
To see more interpretations:

11 commentaires:

  1. Just wonderful! I especially love the reds in your kitchen ritual slide. What a happy kitchen that must be. Also enjoyed the humongous crystal ball. Really terrific photos this week!

  2. Beautiful!!! The wrapping photo with the grunge texture overlay is fantastic! Oh and I'm so smitten with the red kitchen appliances, love them. Fantastic shots!

  3. Love your red appliances - looks so fun! Your pics are awesome!

  4. Beautiful pictures, I love the reds in your kitchen ritual!

  5. Beautiful photos Karin, I love the reflection on the big silver sphere.

  6. lovely photos! the first one with the reflection is truly gorgeous! and kinda love all those red appliances :)

  7. I love the effects you have used on your photos and I love even more the beads!

  8. Great choices! the red appliances have to be my favorites!

  9. Great shots! I too love your red appliances, my daughter is into red for her kitchen.

  10. Great set of photos! I like the composition of your first image, the way you are surrounded by trees. There really is beauty in the everyday aspects of our life.


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