mercredi 25 février 2015


Il y a quelques temps, j'ai participé  au Grow Your Blog de Vicki de 2 Bags Full, et j'ai découvert de nombreux blogs et j'en ai encore à découvrir car je n'ai pas encore fini de tous les visiter.
Au hasard des visites j'ai découvert Shroo's World, elle fait des carnets fantastiques, mélanges de matières et de couleurs comme j'espère arriver à faire en perles. Je n'ai pas résisté et j'ai commandé Gaia's Dream.
Le paquet est arrivé hier. Un paquet tout simple emballé dans du papier kraft, mais quand je l'ai ouvert…

Some time ago I took part to the Grow Your Blog party organized by Vicky  of 2 Bags Full. I discovered many blogs and I still have a lot to discover as I 'm not done with my tour yet.
One of my discoveries was Shroo's World, she makes wonderful journals, she's an amazing mixed media artist and she uses colors and materials  the way I wish I could do with beads. She's very inspiring.
Well, I didn't resist and ordered Gaia's Dream.
The package came yesterday. Simple, wrapped in kraft paper, but when I opened it...

Deux magnifiques paquets enrubannés et des pochettes, les voici déballés…

Two gorgeous packages wrapped in wonderful paper and ribbons and flowers, and other packages,  here is what was inside...

Le carnet et une carte de Shroo, de la soie dans des couleurs magnifiques, des perles et toutes sortes de choses extraordinaires.
J'ai eu l'impression d'avoir ouvert un coffre aux trésors…

The journal and a card by Shroo, a lot of gorgeous sari silk, beads, ephemera and so much more.
It was like opening a treasure chest...

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  1. I'm SO glad that you like your parcel and your journal! That makes me so happy! I completely adore the way you work with colour, shape and texture in your stunning jewellery - whatever you make with these beads will be fabulous! Sending you a massive hug and sparkling sunshine - Shroo:)xxx

    1. Thank you so much! I will try to make good use of everything you sent me and I'm reading again your posts about journaling as I've always been tempted by that form of art, without really daring to go into it. Now I might…

  2. How beautiful! And all the small treasures... the silk! And I love, love, love bettle wings! I use them for years now and can't get enough of them :)

    1. It is definitely, and I've always wanted to try the beetle wings, now's the time!

  3. I love Shroo's work too she is amazing!

  4. Such a lovely surprise of treasures!


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