dimanche 4 janvier 2015

Muffin Tin Challenge

Comme je vous l'ai dit hier, Heather Powers de Humblebeads a organisé un défi dans un délai très court pour mettre en route la créativité en ce début d'année.
Tout d'abord le plat à muffins. J'en avais un en silicone, donc tout mou et impossible à transporter, ce qui aurait forcément engendré des catastrophes. Heureusement, Xavier m'en a acheté un tout beau, tout neuf et rigide.
Je l'ai ensuite rempli de différents éléments pour douze projets différents et je me suis mise au travail.
Sept projets sont terminés mais vous n'en verrez que six puisque le septième est pour le défi Star Frost de Andrew Thornton.
Tout d'abord le plat rempli,

As I told you yesterday, Heather Powers from Humblebeads organized a short time Muffin Tin Challenge to have our creative juices flowing as the year begins.
So first, the muffin tin. I had a silicon one, so it was so soft I'm sure it would have led to terrible  bead catastrophe. Luckily, Xavier, my husband bought  me a new one, beautiful and not soft.
I then filled it with different components for twelve projects and started working.
I finished seven projects, but will show you only six today and the seventh on January 8 as it is for Andrew Thornton's Star Frost Challenge.
Here is the filled muffin tin, 

Maintenant les différents projets,

Now the different projects,

Connector: Scorched Earth
Glass beads: Glass Bead Art
Head pins: Zesty Frog

Twisted Sisters connectors:Faerystones
Charms: Suburban Girl Studio

Glass beads: HelenJewellery, Caroline Beadbug

Pendant: Me and My Stitches
Clasp: Mary Harding Jewelry

Connector and bead: Humblebeads

Beads: Humblebeads

Pendant: Inviciti
Glass Wing Dings: Genea Beads
Ce défi a été très instructif, il m'a confirmé que je suis incapable de planifier à l'avance ce que je vais faire! Je suis effectivement partie des perles dans mon plat, mais j'en ai ajouté et  retiré, des bracelets sont devenus colliers et tous les projets n'ont abouti qu'après de nombreux changements.

I learned a lot from this challenge, it confirmed what I had already guessed. I cannot plan ahead. I started from the beads in my muffin tin, but I added and took away beads, bracelets became necklaces and all the projects were finished after much doing and undoing.

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  1. I love what you've done Karin! I must try and find the time to join in. I am like you - I am not so godd at planning ahead....I did find when I took part in this challenge a few years back that to did help starting with a little direction though, I'll be interested to see what it's like now.

    1. Thank you Rebecca! I think I'll have to try and plan a little ahead.

  2. These are very interesting pieces Karin, I would have never thought of putting some of the components together, but they look really beautiful

    1. Thank you Divya, I had quite some fun mixing these components!

  3. You have so many cool artist beads! Beautiful creations!

  4. What a sweet hubby for getting you the tin! Each and every one of those cups looks like they are filled with amazing treasures. You did such a good job getting shots of each of them. The weather here hasn't been cooperating for good pictures alas.
    As for what you made, I love it all but am especially smitten with the 'stitches' ones. That pendant is so great and the beads you used to accentuate it are perfect. Of course, since all of your pieces are so lovely, I may have a different favorite tomorrow! Ha!

  5. Beautiful creations Karin, my favorite is the one with the fairy pendant. I have tried this idea before, but did not get to far like you I would change the components and what the end result would be.

  6. Oh gorgeous, all around! I love each one! I need to get 'my tin' out!

  7. All such lovely pieces. What a great start to your creative year. I look forward to seeing what you made for Star Frost.

  8. what a gorgeous collection! you sound like me .... once I start working on a piece it takes on a mind of its own! and these turned out beautifully

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  10. I love peeking in each cup and seeing what you created from the ingredients. I too changed things around as I worked! I love each piece but I'm escoecially excited to see how you used your Humblebeads.

  11. Marvelous job Karin. I am impressed with the number of lovely pieces that you managed to finish. My favorite is the humble beads bracelet.


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