vendredi 10 octobre 2014

Focus on Life 41/52

On reste dans la couleur pour le thème de cette semaine.
Couleur en gros plan
Comme je ne maitrise pas le mode macro, j'ai fait comme j'ai pu.

A punch of color for this week's theme
As I can't manage the macro option on my camera, I did as well as I could.

Les dernières tomates du balcon
The last tomatoes from the balcony

7 commentaires:

  1. Oh they look so good. I'll bet you will make something yummy with them.

  2. Your close-up is great! I love the colors, and especially love those tiny yellow tomatoes!

  3. I just love wee homegrown tomatoes - they are so sweet tasting, the yellow ones especially :)

  4. Great punch of color and super shot!!

  5. What a great shot of those lovely tomatoes. You can almost taste their tangy sweetness.

  6. Lovely photo. I think vegetables are some of the most beautiful things on earth.


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