jeudi 17 juillet 2014

Good Earth Challenge

Voici arrivé le grand jour pour ce nouveau défi organisé par Andrew Thornton de The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton
Je vous remontre les perles du kit que j'ai acheté, j'ai oublié un tube de perles hexagonales, mais vous avez une bonne idée des couleurs.

Here is day of the reveal for this new challenge organized by Andrew Thornton from The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton.
Here is a picture of the kit I bought, I forgot a tube of hex beads but I think you get quite a good idea of the colors.

Cette fois-ci je n'ai rien ajouté aux perles fournies, mis à part des fermoirs, du fil et des apprêts.
Je ne vais pas vous faire attendre, voici les pièces créées pour rendre hommage à la Terre.

This time I didn't add anything from my stash, except for clasps, wire and findings.
I won't keep you waiting, here are the pieces created for the Good Earth Challenge.

Et pourquoi pas ne pas les empiler?

And why not wear them stacked?

Le fait de ne pas utiliser d'autres perles permet de faire des éléments que l'on peut associer ou dissocier à l'envie et j'aime bien cette idée là.

As I didn't add any other bead, all the elements can be matched or not with another as you please and I quite like the idea.

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9 commentaires:

  1. I love how your bracelets work together or alone, they are really beautiful! The asymmetry on the necklace is really well done and it all flows together so well. Beautiful as always Karin!

  2. What a fantastic collection! I am in love the stacked or layered jewelry look and your pieces are perfect for it! I also love the asymmetry of your necklace design...very eye catching!

  3. Where to start?!?!? All of the designs are fabulous!! The stacked bracelets demonstrate how beautifully the palette and textures work together. I also love the necklace and use of the poly clay beads and dangles. The brick stitch earrings are just stunning!! I love the fringe :D Bravo!!!

  4. Mais tu vas finir par me faire aimer la couleur orange ! Ton talent, que veux-tu...

  5. I am loving them all, Karin!...that bold, juicy necklace is my favorite!

  6. All of your creations are beautiful! The colors are all so bold and wonderful, and then here is this quiet more monotone bracelet that might be my favorite (if I could choose!) Then all together at the end, they look wonderful.

  7. Wonderful collection of pieces! Really well done! Love, love, love the earrings!

  8. Stunning work! You make it seem so effortless to put together. The necklace just flows perfectly.

  9. Wow! These are so awesome! Thanks so much for participating! I love all of them. Each of them has such a spark of energy and I love how unique they are, but how they could all go together. Great job!


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