mardi 17 juin 2014

A Time To Stitch 5 / Le temps de tisser

Therese de Therese's Treasures et Christine de One kiss creations Beaded Jewelry organise des défis plus tournés vers le tissage. Je me suis inscrite à cette 5ème édition et il s'agissait de faire trois bracelets en utilisant le même point mais en variant soit les couleurs, la taille des perles, leur formes...
J'ai choisi un point spirale, la spirale russe, et j'ai fait trois cordons et j'ai oublié qu'il s'agissait de bracelets, je les ai transformés en colliers...
Je m'en suis aperçue en vérifiant une dernière fois la date, j'étais d'ailleurs soulagée d'avoir une semaine d'avance.
Et puis voilà, il fallait des bracelets.
J'ai donc repris une spirale, plus simple trois fermoirs identiques et j'ai gardé en tête qu'il me fallait des bracelets.
Le premier est donc fait avec des rocailles 8° pour le coeur et 11° pour la spirale avec des feuilles.

Therese from Therese's Treasures and Christine from One Kiss Creations Beaded Jewelry organise stitching challenges and I decided to try and take part in this fifth edition.  We had to make three bracelets using the same stitch but with variations in color, finish, bead size or shape...
I chose the Russian Spiral stitch, so I made three ropes and forgot I had to make bracelets. I turned them into a necklace.
I was relieved to be finished one week early, until I found out about the bracelets when I checked a last time for dates...
So I chose a simpler spiral stitch, three identical toggle clasps and kept thinking, bracelets.
The first one is made with 8°seed beads for the core and 11° and  leaves for the spiral.

Le deuxième à un coeur de rocailles 8° et la spirale est composée de rocailles 15°, 11° et de toupies Swarovski de 4 mm.

The second one has a 8° core and the spiral is made with 15°, 11° and 4mm Swarovski bicones.

Le troisième à un coeur de rocailles 6° et la spirale est composée de rocailles 11° et de perles rondes de 8 mm.

The third one is made with 6° for the core and the spiral with 11° and 8mm rounds.

Voici maintenant les trois ensemble et demain je vous montrerai mes trois premières spirales.

Here are the three together and tomorrow I'll show you my first three ropes.

Vous pouvez maintenant aller voir les variations des autres participants grâce aux liens ci-dessous:

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15 commentaires:

  1. Pretty!
    I would like to try spiral stitch since a month ago, seeing your pieces have given me mo spirit to try the stitch. Very well pieces Karin =)

  2. How beautiful bracelets! The green one is my favourite!

  3. Beautiful! I love the one with the leaves, though I think I might have been stressed by the time I finished....great job on all three!

  4. Oh, I love them! All three so different. Love the first one with the leaves, but that red one is just dramatic! Well done!!!

  5. n'inquiet pas, on ne doit pas faire les bracelets, on peut faire n'import quel genre de bijouterie pour ce challenge! J'aime bien ces pieces, j'ai utilisé les petites perles, mais je les aime bien avec des plus grand perles que tu as utilisé. Trés bien fait!

  6. Hi Karin,
    Your bracelets are gorgeous I love all three the same. I am looking forward to seeing your ropes.
    Thank you for participating in the round of ATTS and I hope that you will join us again for ATTS 6 in a few months.

  7. Your bracelets are beautiful! The red is my favorite although it was hard to chose. Thank you for the comments about mine.

  8. Fantastic mix of bracelets! I really love the one with leaves - what a beautiful piece! I never thought to add the disproportionately larger accent bead in a Russian spiral - I have to try that! it looks awesome

  9. Russian spiral is one of my favorite stitches and I love your variations. From lush to elegant to opulent, each is stunning. My favorite is the red bracelet with the 8mm rounds - it would be perfect, no matter the season.

  10. GORGEOUS! I love the picture of all three bracelets together. I can't wait to come back and see the ropes tomorrow :-)

  11. Your bracelets are so lovely!!! Autumn is my favorite season and I'm swooning over that luscious leaf bracelet! Gorgeous!

  12. Oh No! I took the bracelets as a suggestion but you didn't have to go back and start from the beginning, but after seeing these gorgeous bracelets, I am so glad you did! They all are gorgeous and do not look like the same stitch. You changed up the beads perfectly to show the challenge. If I saw these in a shop, I would want all 3! You do real nice work :-D

  13. Beautiful bracelets Karin!! I had no idea Russian spiral could be so versatile.. Each one is so entirely different but all are stunning! Love the necklace you made by "mistake!" It is so intricately designed and with such great colors!

  14. What lovely spiral bracelets and so different! Well done!


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