samedi 31 mai 2014

Ocean Blog Hop

 C'est le grand jour. Lisa Lodge de A Grateful Artist - Pine Ridge Treasures organise des défis et le thème de celui-ci est l'océan. Vous auriez devinez en regardant ce qu'elle m'a envoyé.
Sur le moment, j'ai eu peur, beaucoup de bleu. Vous me direz, j'aurai pu m'en douter.
C'était il y a un certain temps maintenant, et beaucoup de bleu est passé par là. Je crois que je commence à l'apprivoiser.

Today is the reveal of the Ocean Blog Hop. It is organized by Lisa Lodge from A Grateful Artist - Pine Ridge Treasures, she organizes many hops and if you look on your right you will see the next ones.
Well, this one is about the ocean. You probably guessed from the beads she sent me. 
When I received them, I was scared! So much blue! I should have known, ocean, blue…
Now that was quite a while ago, and since then, I've worked a lot with blue and I think I'm getting quite comfortable with it.

Pendant, Firefly Design Studio

J'ai commencé petit, avec les boucles d'oreilles.
I started small with some earrings.
Charms, Round Rabbit

Ensuite je me suis attaquée au pendentif pour lequel j'ai tissé une chaîne "Dancing Waves Necklace" tirée du livre de Jill Wiseman, Beautiful Beaded Ropes.

Then I took care of the pendant, for which I wove a rope from Jill Wiseman's Beautiful Beaded Ropes, Dancing Waves Necklace.

Ensuite, je me suis amusée avec les pièces de métal que j'ai peintes, et repeintes pour essayer de leur donner des airs de trésors rouillés du fond des mers.

Then I had some fun with Vintaj patinas to paint the metal parts and try to give them the look of some old treasures found at the bottom of the sea.

Enfin, j'ai tissé une spirale avec les rondes bleus métallisées, que je n'ai pas pu m'empêcher d'agrémenter. Un fermoir poisson et un pendentif Round Rabbit.

Finally I wove a spiral with the blue metallic glass beads. I couldn't help myself. I had to add a Round Rabbit pendant, some chain and a fish clasp.

Il me restait  les perles gouttes et j'avais décidé de m'arrêter là. 
Hier, j'ai eu envie de faire un collier noué avec du lin et je me suis dit, et pourquoi pas les gouttes.
Des poissons, des coquillages, de la nacre, et voilà:

I still had the cultured sea glass drop beads, but I had decided to stop there.
Yesterday, I wanted to make a knotted necklace with some waxed linen and I thought, why not the drops. Some fish, shells, mother of pearl later, there it is:

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21 commentaires:

  1. All of your pieces are so inspired! I love them. You just really know how to put things together and balance your jewelry. I love the little touches like the fish clasp. I am so glad you had time to make that last necklace. It's gorgeous. I think it is my favorite, but they are all wonderful.

  2. Wow, I love them all! You did a wonderful job with all of the blue and they are all amazing pieces.

  3. Beautiful pieces! I love the way you used the drops and the coral in that last necklace!

  4. Great job love all the pieces you created.

  5. Wonderful! All of your pieces are just gorgeous. I love your nauticle uses throughout each piece.

  6. I love what you made! All so different. I think the ropes you made are beautiful and putting vintage patinas on the metal looks like coral. Great job!

  7. All of your pieces are gorgeous! Well done!

  8. I kept scrolling and finding a new "favourite", Karin :) Everything is so unique, so beautiful and so "you"!

  9. Wow!! You made so many wonderful pieces! I like each one for a different technique or the way you put the design together. It is difficult to pick a favorite. Great work!

  10. Wow! So many amazing pieces. I love the addition of the patina in the second necklace. It really makes the blues pop!

  11. Karin - all your pieces are lovely! I especially like how you made the silver pieces look like "old treasures". The spiral necklace is super pretty. Wonderful job - thanks for being in the hop!

  12. Stunning pieces! The colors and styles are amazing, Karin. You're amazing!

  13. Wowza! What an awesome collection. Am totally loving you did not stop and created that woven fish necklace!!! Sorry for delay in commenting. Had computer problems. My post is up now.

  14. So many beautiful ocean designs that you made. I especially love the fish necklace. Very unique.

  15. Such a fabulous job with those gorgeous blues! I see we had the same idea to use Vintaj patina. I love it! I especially love the woven spiral!

  16. Everything is awesome, your beaded rope for dancing waves shows up the focal perfectly. I love the patina'ed pieces with the glass starfish accents, too.

  17. Beautiful pieces. You did excellent job! I love the last one, so earthly!

  18. What a great collection of beads and seaglass. All your pieces are wonderful, but I really like your last necklace with all the knots, wooden fish and mother of pearl. So very pretty.


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