mercredi 30 avril 2014

Lecture / Reading

Ce mois-ci pour le Inspired by Reading Blog Hop animé par Andrew Thornton (ou vous pourrez allez voir les autres créations), je rappelle, ce n'est que la deuxième fois que je participe, il s'agit de créer quelque chose suite à la lecture d'un roman.
Donc ce mois-ci, ce sont des nouvelles de Jhumpa Lahiri, L'interprète des maladies.
J'aime beaucoup les nouvelles, et celles-ci n'ont pas fait défaut.
Par contre créer une seule pièce semblait difficile, alors j'ai essayé de transcrire l'impression qu'elles m'ont laissé plutôt que d'essayer de les décrire.
Pour moi, chacune de ces nouvelles évoque des personnages, des vies, des destins qui se cherchent, qui se heurtent et ne se trouvent pas.
Il y a toujours des écarts, des décalages, des incompréhensions.
J'ai donc voulu montrer ce décalage permanent, cet affrontement des cultures et des vies, l'Inde et les Etats-Unis, la douleur des uns et des autres, la solitude des personnages et la clef, celle de Boori Ma, mais aussi celles qui manque aux personnages pour sortir de leur solitude.

This month the book for the Inspired by Reading Blog Hop hosted by Andrew Thornton  (you can see the links to the other creations on his blog) was Jhumpa Lahiri's collection of short stories The Interpreter of Maladies.
I love short stories and I loved reading these.
The problem was to create only one piece, so I tried to transcribe the impressions I felt while reading them more than describe any particular story.
Each of these stories evoke characters, lives, destinies that are trying to find each other but collide and go apart.
There are always gaps and misunderstandings.
This is what I wanted to  show, this constant and widening gap, the clash of lives and cultures, India and the United States, the suffering, the loneliness and the key. Boori Ma's key but also the one that the characters don't have to get out of their loneliness.

Coeur / Heart: Elaine Ray
Perles en verre artisanales/ Handmade glass beads: Sharpline Designs

8 commentaires:

  1. Lovely piece you created and it evokes the spirit of many of the stories.

  2. Lovely color choices and I really like your thought process behind the work.

  3. Your work is always so beautiful and original Karin. Love the colors and thoughts that went into this necklace. I love the idea of making a piece that represents recurrent themes in the book. Very well done!!

  4. I love this piece! I agree with your widening gap/culture clash theme and I think this piece represents it very well. The colors and textures of the beads and components also represent this theme too.

  5. This necklace is so beautiful. It almost makes me feel as if I've read the stories and know how the characters feel. I especially love your creative use of the heart pieces not being quite together.

  6. It seems like many of us created something in response to the over all themes or feel of the book. Love the color combination you used and that broken heart is really fitting. Lovely necklace!

  7. Karin, you have created a beautiful necklace the captures the essence of all of the stories!
    I love it!

  8. I think you've captured the essence of the stories wonderfully! The contrasting colors and the pieces that don't quite fit together, symbolically represent that gap. You've done a great job at creating a stunning piece and boiling down the flavor of the book. Thanks so much for participating!


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