dimanche 2 mars 2014

Focus on Life 9/52

Je suis de retour à Paris.
Hier j'étais là,

I'm back in Paris.
Yesterday, I was there, 

et le thème de cette semaine c'est "checking out" plus ou moins bien traduit par regarder autour de soi pour voir, nous sommes en mars, le printemps arriver.
Et il fallait observer et photographier de très près ces changements.
Ce matin, sur le balcon surprise, des signes du printemps. J'ai essayé très près, mais la macro, ce n'est pas encore pour tout de suite alors voilà pour aujourd'hui:

and this week's theme is Checking Out, watch out around us for the little signs of spring.
We had to watch and photograph close up.
This morning, on my balcony, surprise some signs of spring. I tried a close up, but I can't manage it right now, I'll have learn to use my camera better! So here it is for today:

Pour voir d'autres signes…
To see more signs

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  1. It's snowing here again this morning.... think I will probably miss the daffodils this year although with all the snow it may be may before it melts! Thank you for showing me your daffodil it does give me hope that spring will come!

  2. Your daffodil is beautiful. I gives me hope that spring will come. It is a long way off yet here though.

  3. Such a pretty shot - I love the lighting on the petals - they look beautifully vibrant. I also love the snow scene - it looks magical.

  4. Well, your shot may not be as close as you intended, but it is lovely, like that shadow!

  5. Pretty little jonquil...such a lovely color

  6. What an amazing snowscape. It would be lovely on a card. And the colors in your daffodil are so vibrant - they sing Spring!

  7. Beautiful photos and jewelry. I like your creative style very much. It´s nice to get you my BSBP -partner. :)

    From which country is your beautiful snow photo?
    There is hardly at all snow here in western Finland. I don´t remember this kind of winter.

  8. Your daffodil is beautiful. It's such a classic sign of spring. The snow photo is beautiful too, but I'd take spring and the daffodils right now!

  9. Such amazing photographs! I don't mind winter, but I absolutely love love spring. I wish to have spring all year.
    Your photos are great!!


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